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Position Master Control Operator
Organization Entravision
Location Tampa
Job Category Full Time
Start Date
Description Responsible for controlling all on-air equipment and quality of final on-air signals. Executes and monitors audio/video quality of daily programming. Dubs commercial and promotional spots. Maintains daily program log. Troubleshoots and communicates effectively with other departments. Essential Functions 1. Controls all on-air equipment and responsible for quality of final on-air signal. 2. Live on-air audio/video switching. 3. Loads Playlist and executive’s daily programming using the Leitch automation system. 4. Oversees dub commercials and promotional spots into Leitch and tape back-up. 5. Monitors audio/video quality of programming and takes corrective action when necessary. 6. Loads Program tapes as needed. 7. Maintains daily program log and updates throughout the day. 8. Records incoming feeds.
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