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Individually we are one drop

Together we are an ocean



The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay

Dear Chamber Members and Friends,

As President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce it is with great enthusiasm that I can announce that each and every week Our Chamber is growing with past and new members.  We have doubled the job postings on our website as well we have added additional member to member offers.  


Our luncheons and mixers have been well attended.  Our guest speakers have made our luncheons informative and captivating.  We have speakers from major sports organizations coming to our luncheons in the next several months.  

Throughout my career, I have worked under the principle that diversity enriches a company’s relationship with the community. Diversity and excellence go hand in hand. Needleless to say our chamber remains open and accessible to individuals of all backgrounds. I look forward to working with our member’s, building bridges of opportunity and encouraging diversity in all its richness.

Envisioning a successful future for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay entails developing the ability to provide opportunities to each member through networking events, leadership workshops, seminars, online media, morning café con leche, our evening mixers and other functions that we will soon be announcing. These will strengthen our members skills and abilities which will enable them to grow their business. The foundation of successful business are the values of teamwork, leadership and perseverance.

Board of directors and members…you are the lifeblood of our institution. Your investments of time, talent and sponsorships will help us to achieve our goals.

As a chamber we look forward to getting out into the community to build new relations and to further our appreciation for our rich heritage.

As we look forward…there is much to be done. I encourage you to attend our events and bring your friends and business associates. Get involved with the chamber and our various committees.

And lastly I leave you with this quote:

"Behind each challenge lies an opportunity for greatness to succeed!"

Ryan Devin

Ileana De Leon Martin
President/Chair of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay
US Hispanic Chamber

Mission & Vision

  • To advocate, promote and facilitate the success of Hispanic businesses in the Tampa Bay Area.

  • Implementing and strengthening programs in the Tampa Bay area that assist the economic development of Hispanic firms.

  • Providing technical assistance to Hispanic business associations and entrepreneurs. Monitoring legislation, policies and programs that affect the Hispanic business community.

  • Increasing business relationships and partnerships between the corporate sector and Hispanic-owned businesses.

  • Promoting international trade between Hispanic businesses in the Tampa Bay area and Latin America.